Please feel free to print and distribute, free of charge, any material on this website.  Please be aware that all material is copyright.

Ensure that only text is selected for copying, or else the whole of the page will be transferred.  You will find that the formatting is retained if you paste into Open Office Writer, (obtainable free on the internet).  If you wish to print as an A5 booklet, you will  either have to reorganise the pages manually, or use a duplex printer for double-sided printing.  This is the best option.

In Open Office Writer go to Format– Select  Page

Set Format to A5

Set orientation to Portrait

Create an A5 template in Open Office Writer with the following margins, in centimetres:

 Left    1.5  Right- 1.5  Top    1.5  Bottom   0.0

Click on Footer  Set Spacing at 0.80 and Height at 1.2

Go to Insert and select numbering

Save as template with title.

Now go to website and the post you wish to print

Select just the text, not whole page.  Copy into your Open Office Template.

To print:

Go to File- Print- Page Layout

Click Brochure

Go to General- Properties.

Select double sided printing, if duplex printer.

Go to Basic

Set to Portrait, Single Page/side, Short Edge.


The booklet cover should be printed separately if you wish it to be more hard-wearing.  I use 120gsm for my title page, and 80gsm paper for the main body.  The template for this is below.  You will need to fill in the front cover with the relevant title with this link:  Booklet title page for self-print